7-27-17 ~ A Rather “Curious” Word From the LORD

Proverbs 25:2 ~ “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter and the glory of kings to investigate a matter.”


I have to say the following WORD I received from the LORD, on April 26, 2017, is one of the strangest “Words” I think I have ever received. It sent me into “research mode” to come to some rather interesting conclusions/possibilities.

I ask that you PLEASE pray about what I’m going to share here (as with everything I share on this blog and my old blog). I’ll say in advance, I do NOT know if something is going to happen on the date I’m going to share, but I will say this: I am definitely keeping my eyes open, my full armour of God on, polished and ready to “GO”, because I do sense this is going to be a pivotal, eye-opening year. Time will tell, but I did feel prompted to share the following with you:

It was on April 26, 2017 and I was at my new job (that I currently still have). I don’t remember what task I was specifically doing or what I was thinking about, but I do remember I was focused on my work. In the middle of that work day, and seemingly “out of the blue”, this is what the Holy Spirit spoke in my spirit:


Well, needless to say that was quite a curious Word from the LORD. What did that mean? My inquiring mind wanted to know. So it sent me into “research mode” and this is the amazing information I found while I “investigated”. It’s a lot of info, so grab a cup of coffee, tea or water and have a seat:

The night of the Polish Brigade occurred on Thursday, September 21st (and that is the way it was described in the article linked in the reference section at the bottom of this post. Here’s a screenshot of that article title:


Well, my curiosity rose up so I looked up September 21, 2017 and yep, IT FALLS ON A THURSDAY!!

I asked myself: “Is anything else happening around that time?” Yep. It is during the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashana (which starts at sundown on September 20th and goes through Sundown, September 22). Well, now, isn’t that interesting?

But wait, there’s more: It’s ALSO The first day of Muharram, which begins at Sundown on SEPTEMBER 21st (and is observed every SEPTEMBER 21st).

Yes, I know, what is Muharram you ask? Well, interesting that you asked that question because that is the beginning of the Shiite Muslim observance and mourning of the brutal death of Mohammad’s grandson. Every year many of the Shiite Muslims observe that day in history with some of the men publicaly flagellating themselves to the point of drawing (splattering) their own blood. Here’s another fact: Iran is mostly a Shiite Muslim country.

Ok, let’s keep going. September 21, 2017 is also “World Peace Day”. Now isn’t the antichrist supposed to be a man of peace? Didn’t Obama win the Nobel Peace prize in 2009? (And the answer is “yes”).

Didn’t Obama instigate “Arab Spring”, which caused thousands of Islamic terrorists, uh, I mean “refugees” to invade Europe and the United States. . uhh, I mean seek “political asylum”?  And didn’t that invasion result in ISIS rising up, which was started, funded, trained and recruited UNDER THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION? (The answers are “yes” and “yes”).

Hmm, this is getting more and more curious as we go, isn’t it? Let’s step back a moment and remember this TRUTH: Iranians have been chanting “Death to Israel” . . “Death to America” for DECADES. . . Ever since the 1979 “Islamic Revolution” to be exact.

Some “side note” information:

We also know THE antichrist Obama provided quite a big amount of money to Iran during his FIRST reign over the United States (and yes, he WILL rise to power again, but on a global level). . . $11.9 billion that is known, related to NUCLEAR negotiations (hmmm, interesting).

Did you know the Iranian Muslims believe “the Mahdi”, ( also called “The 12th Imam” .. The Muslim “Messiah”) will rise from a well during a time of chaos, which is why they desire nuclear war?  AND “the Mahdi” is the same as the Biblical “AntiChrist”. (And the answer is “yes” and “yes”).

Ok, back to September 21st:

SOOOOO, what do I believe this “curious” Word from the LORD is pointing to as a clue?

It may very well be that September 21, 2017 would be a strategically excellent day for Israel to do a first strike against Iran, during the Iranian Shiite Muslim observance of Muharram. . . And THAT would spark an all-out Islamic Jihad against Israel and the United States. And that would be the beginning of the Psalm 83 war. . . .eventually leading to Obama-THE-Antichrist stepping in and negotiating THE Peace treaty.  Within 24 hours of that negotiation . . . The New Madrid Fault line earthquake will hit, literally splitting the United States in half. 

Will the above underlined scenario begin on September 21, 2017? I really do NOT know, but I will say this: It sure was a rather “curious” Word from the LORD and I WILL be prayerfully keeping my eyes open to see what happens. I also recommend you prayerfully consider what I’m sharing here today, especially the following:

Make sure your life is right before the LORD. PLEASE listen to and obey the leading of the Holy Spirit. Repent in all areas you need to repent. Forgive ALL who have sinned against you (that you may be forgiven as well by the Heavenly Father) and GET READY, we’re heading into extremely turbulent times, but amazing times as well, for it will be in the midst of the chaos that more souls will be saved.

Our KING Yeshua is coming back in the worst of the worst of times, so be an overcomer and keep the faith. I hope to see you on the other side of eternity, with shouts of JOY.


Night of the Polish Brigade – Thursday, September 21 –

2017 Rosh Hashanna

Observing Muharram

World Peace Day

Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Egypt Challenges Obama’s Arab Spring Philosophy

Iranian chant “Death to Israel . . Death to America” –

The Mahdi

United States to Award Iran 11.9 Billion –

Psalm 83 War





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